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Smart Campus For The Nextgen Leaders

Atul Temurnikar, Chairman and Co-Founder, Global Schools Foundation talks about the initiative with Priya Saraf of BW Education.

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Design thinking can be applied to bring large-scale changes in society: Srikant Datar

Dr Srikant Datar, Professor of Business Administration. Senior Associate Dean, Harvard Business School expounds on the concept in an interview with Prerna Lamba of BW Education.

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Engineering Internship: A Step In Right Direction?

An internship allows a student to avail of an opportunity to explore the various fields of engineering while they understand where their passion lies. Engineering as a field that covers the various sectors, from artificial hearts to submarines, the choice is with the student where they would like to

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Changing Lives Through Education

Education changes lives. More than gold, real estate or inherited wealth. It changes the individual, and it changes the nation.

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Information And Communication Technology For Students And Educators

Information and communication technology (ICT) has become inevitable and it fundamentally changes the way of life across all spheres. People are the national wealth and education enhances their lives with prosperity and quintessentially makes them responsible and ethical citizens.

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Government Has To Invest More And More In The Education Sector: Manish Sisodia

In an extensive chat with BW Education’s Prerna Lamba, Sisodia outlines the policy initiatives of his government, what the reforms mean to him and his government.

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