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Need More Skilled Teachers For A Better New India: Educationalist

Panellists also discussed the need for more skilled staff in the education sector who require a complete new type of skill set which is very different from what exists today.

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‘Going Back To School’: The Need For Real-World Executive Education

Executive Education is the need of the hour, to cultivate effective leadership which is equipped with the knowledge and skills to address real-world global issues. What’s exceptionally important is a hands-on learning experience that is in sync with the aspirations of the participants and their competencies.

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BML Munjal University Holds First Natural Language Processing (NLP) Hackathon

Alibaba Cloud, Zhejiang Lab and BML Munjal University Host their First Natural Language Processing (NLP) Hackathon in India

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Learning E-Mobility: The Future Of Electric Vehicle Engineering

A choice of a profession with significant longevity, substantive learning facets, cutting-edge multidisciplinary curriculum, and an opportunity to be part of transformative behavioral and environment impact — these are the heady components that engineering aspirants would like to make part of their academic and work life.

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Reviving the Joy of Engineering

Technology and globalisation are driving changes and transformations at levels never seen before. What awaits future generations is a world of automation and digitally enabled technologies. To cope with this ever-changing world, the most important skills required are the ability to think through problems, to understand and critically analyse situations and opportunities logically and rationally, and to be able to create solutions that create an impact.

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