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Remote Learning Has Brought Students And Teachers Closer: Reports


Brainly surveyed its Indian user base on the theme ‘Difference made by the teachers during remote learning in the year 2020’.

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Live Query Platforms In India

Below are a few live query platforms which you can choose to go on to solve your queries.

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76.3% Of Students Are Positive About Their Fathers’ Role In Academic Success: Reports

Brainly, the online learning platform for students, parents and teachers drew interesting insights through the responses received from ~2,137 participants.

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Only 36% Of Students Availing Online Learning Options Amid School Closures Due Co Covid-19: Reports

Having surveyed over 2000 students in India, Brainly found that while 63 per cent of the students have an off from school.

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Female Students In India Possess Great Inclination To Pursue Career In Science: Reports

A survey was conducted on the occasion of International Women’s Day, aimed to explore the interest of female students in India in pursuing a career in science.

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Indian Parents Need To Spend More Time To Help Their Children Study: Survey

A survey conducted by Brainly also recognized that Indian mothers had the greatest impact on their children’s learning.

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50 Million More Users Turn To Peer-To-Peer Learning Platform Brainly Within A Little Over A Year

150 million students, parents and teachers across the globe are now using the platform every month, as they look beyond the conventional approach towards education.

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