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COVID Sees Parents Bet On Beyond Curriculum Learning For Their Kids

Parents are actively looking for platforms that can promote peer learning and are focused on developing essential skillsets like collaboration, creativity and leadership.

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How Will The Education Industry Look Like In The Future?

The causes created by COVID in the education sector will result in some very positive effects from the point of view of education.

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Buddy4Study Partners With Host Of Corporates To Bring Scholarship Support To More Than 10,000 Students Affected By COVID

The platform is hosting many new scholarships as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes of its existing and new corporate partners.

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COVID, NEP And Changing Education Landscape

What COVID has done is to wake up the system from its slumber and disrupt the traditional process completely, forcing the education sector to embrace digital medium in a big way.

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Hospitality Education In India Calls For A Redesign: Is COVID The Propeller?

Most hospitality institutions have been following a curriculum that hasn’t seen a revision in decades.

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Teaching During COVID Times: Lessons From Software

Learning is focused on measuring inputs like the number of courses, questions, hours of teaching etc.

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Top Five Tips for Thriving Educationally During COVID

Here are five top tips to keep the students on track for exam success.

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With No Income Due To COVID, School Teacher In Delhi Resorts To Selling Vegetables


According to Delhi government, all the guest teachers shall be paid up to May 8, 2020, and in summer vacations only if they are called for duties," read the order dated May 5.

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Eight-Year-Old From Trio World Academy Develops Sanitiser Capsule To Curb COVID Using Recycled Products

Since the lockdown began, students have been finding creative ways to continue learning and enhancing their skills at home.

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