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IIT Madras Finds Efficacy Of Indomethacin Drug In Treating Mild To Moderate Covid-19 Patients

This research work promises a new line of treatment for mild Covid-19 infection as Indomethacin is an affordable drug and the findings of this research have recently been published in the prestigious peer-reviewed journal Nature Scientific Reports

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Noida International Institute Of Medical Sciences Provides 300 Beds For COVID-19 Patients

NIIMS is currently having 140 doctors, 90 nursing staff and 160 paramedical staff and GDA as well as housekeeping staff.

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IIT Madras Researchers Develop Nano-coated Filter for Healthcare Workers Treating COVID-19 Patients

This nano-coated filter media has been fabricated by a nylon-based polymer coating on cellulose paper and was developed through the electrospinning process.

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