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Vidyamandir Classes Make CUET Preparations

With DU and JNU confirmed to be a part of CU-ET, admissions to most of the central universities through a common entrance test seems to be a reality now

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Vidyamandir Classes Starts CUCET Preparations


The entrance exam, such as the CUCET, will provide not only an equal opportunity to all students but also an opportunity for universities to assess the students' ability levels.

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CUCET- A Common Gateway To The Central Universities

The idea of having a common entrance test at the undergraduate level is to shift the focus more on developing the critical thinking ability of the students rather than going for rote learning.

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UGC: No common Entrance Test

No common entrance test for 2021-22 intake into central universities: UGC

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Central Universities To Give Equal Weightage To Common Entrance Test And Board Exam Marks

As per the proposal, there will be single application form for all varsities, which will save time and expenses.

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