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The Pandemic Has Fast-tracked The Digital Transformation In The Education Sector


In an exclusive talk with BW Education, Pranav Kothari, VP, Large Scale Education Programmes, Educational Initiatives, spoke about the firm and more.

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Edtech In India Is Still In Its Formative Years: Ashutosh Kumar, Testbook

In an exclusive chat with BW Education, Ashutosh Kumar, CEO & Co-founder, Testbook, spoke about the firm and more.

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Digital Transformation A Must For Indian Education

Digital India’s plans need a revision, as the digital ecosystems have now become more dynamic.

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Why Upskilling Your Current Employees Is A Great Strategy For Filling Key Roles And How Digital Transformation Can Catalyze The Process

Digitally proficient employees are so scarce that re-training and upskilling existing employees have taken priority over-investing in new hires.

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Admission24 Enabled Digital Transformation For Over 150 Educational Institutions

The company is using emerging technologies like AI and ML to bring interactive education tools in order to disrupt the ecosystem.

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Digi Marketing To Digi Transformation

In order to lead the personal and career growth and success, in India and in the global arena, the youth have to be aware and prepared. They need to be formally trained and build on their available personal and natural abilities and capabilities.

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