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Edtech Entrepreneurs Should Fix The Broken Feedback Loop In Schools

We should recognize the importance of the feedback loop in classroom teaching and implement it in our daily and weekly teaching practices.

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Govt’s Mantra For Education: Invest, Innovate, Implement

Experts discuss the current government’s focus on driving education by introducing latest trends to enhance learning and skill development.

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Edu-Tech Must Focus On Engaging, Enriching And Empowering All Learners: Experts


Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Gamification are revolutionizing the education sector. Experts tell Bhaktvatsal Sharma that India’s edutech market has immense growth potential and that by 2021, there will be a surge to introduce new innovative to the industry

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Digital Solutions Help Quell The Fear Of Difficulties

Sanjog Anand, co –founder, Rostrum Education speaks about his venture, and about challenges and opportunities for an edu-tech start up in India

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Data Aids Enhanced Learning Processes and Outcomes

Cognitive thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication – the four Cs – are achieved only when students are involved in activities that help them learn by doing hands-on tasks.

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Virtual and Augmented Reality Aids Better Learning

Digital transformations in the education sector are working wonders. Here's how these innovations motivate students to learn, retain and grow

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Education Needs To Be Re-Evaluated In The Light Of The 4th Industrial Revolution

Internationally recognised education consultant Tony Brandenburg who provides Education Technology Consultancy Services to the UNESCO speaks on the future of technology and it’s on education and learning processes

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