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14 Engineering Colleges To Impart Technical Education In 5 Regional Languages: Dharmendra Pradhan

Significant progress is being made in implementing the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, and in accordance with one of its main recommendations, 14 engineering institutions across eight states will provide technical education in five regional languages, according to Dharmendra Pradhan on Monday.

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IFAA To Accredit Engineering Colleges In India, Not NBA

Instead of the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), engineering colleges in India will now be accredited by the IIT Foundation for Accreditation and Assessment (IFAA).

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Allow Student Entrepreneurs With Short Attendance To Sit For Exams: AICTE

The decision by the HRD Ministry’s technical education regulator has been taken to encourage more students to take up research and innovation to turn into entrepreneurs and build a culture of ultimately becoming job givers than job seekers.

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Engg Colleges To Lose Affiliation For Not Following Directives Of Student Grievance Redressal Panel: AICTE

As per norms, every AICTE approved institution is supposed to constitute SGRC and any complaint from an aggrieved student relating to the institution shall be addressed to the panel.

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Students Can Now Pursue Humanities Alongside Engineering Degrees

The walls are finally down. A look at how the AICTE‘s approval for technical institutes to also run arts and commerce courses is set to play out on the ground.

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