Latest Articles in IISER Bhopal

IISER Bhopal Researchers Unravel The Genome Of Turmeric

For the first time in the world, researchers have  sequenced the genome of the turmeric plant

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IISER Bhopal Researchers Sequence Genome Of Giloy

IISER Bhopal Researchers Sequence Genome of Giloy, a Medicinal Herb, for the first time Globally.

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IISER Bhopal Researchers Identify Mechanism Of Cancer Progression

Cancer Epigenetics - the study of changes in gene expression that are associated with cancer, has thus assumed centre-stage in the area of cancer research in recent decades.

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IISER Bhopal Scientists Develop Model to Predict Climate Anomalies

The model predicts the temperature of an Indian Summer Season (March-April-May) using weather data from the previous winter and has also helped in understanding the relationships among various weather parameters.

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Precision Engineering Of Protein Technology

IISER Bhopal scientists invent technology for the precision engineering of proteins, which will help Cancer patients with precise imaging-guided tumour surgeries and directed Cancer Chemotherapeutics in the coming years.

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