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LPU Researchers Develop Novel Bottleneck Cap Assembly To Prevent Tampering Of Water Bottles

The novel bottle cap designed by the researchers works with minimum torque and can be easily identified after the bottle is opened.

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LPU Researchers Bags Patent For Desalination Of Sea Water Using Waste Food Items

The research can help solve this challenge by making sea water usable for household needs.

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LPU Researchers Develop ‘Alithis’, A Multifunctional Robot To Help Combat COVID-19

Alithis can interact with users in different languages and is also equipped with an LCD touch screen with graphical user interface (GUI) to display messages.

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LPU Researchers Develop 20Sec4Life; An IoT Device For Soap Dispensers To Ensure People Wash Their Hands For 20 Seconds

The base device is triggered and starts playing music for over 20 seconds when the nozzle of the handwash is pressed to dispense soap.

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LPU Researchers Develop ‘KAWACH’, IoT Device For Safe Social Distancing

The device, which can be worn as a pendant, vibrates and glows in case someone breaches the user’s safe space of 1 metre.

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