Latest Articles in Mental Health

Balanced Mind Means A Happy Mind

Due to an increase in the time spent on social media, there has been a spike in mental health-related issues in young adults.

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Mumbai Schools Champion Mental Health At School Fest ‘The Happy Place’

The Aditya Birla World Academy hosted 17 schools in Mumbai including students from Nahar International School, Cathedral and John Connon School, JB Petit High School for girls

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Indian Medical Association To Set Up Counselling Centres And 24/7 Helpline In Medical Colleges

IMA's D-4-D team has already held awareness and self-help workshops for medicos on emotional well-being and burn out in Bengaluru, Pune, Delhi, Surat and Cochin and soon will organise it in Mumbai and other cities.

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4000 Students To Take Part In The Summer Internship With Fortis School Mental Health Programme

More than 140 schools from Delhi NCR is taking part in this prestigious annual programme for students of Class XI and Class XII. Students of 250 schools from six metropolitan cities in the country are participating.

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Queen Mary Launches Partnership Between India And UK To Tackle Global Challenges

Queen Mary has over 1,300 Indian alumni developing their careers across multiple sectors in all corners of the country.

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Can Children Be Influenced To Commit Suicide?

In India, about 46,000 suicides occurred each in 15–29 and 30–44 age groups in 2012 – or about 34% each of all suicides and it was executed through Poisoning (33%), hanging (26%) and self-immolation (9%) primarily (Registrar General of India, Government of India). In 2012, 80% of the suicide victims were literate, higher than the national average literacy rate of 74%.

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