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Conference Titled ‘Role of NEP 2020 In Transforming Higher Education’ Held

Earlier, Prime Minister tweeted, “deliberations from this conference will strengthen the efforts to make India a knowledge hub.”

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In Tune With New Education Policy Thrust, Ashley Lobo Takes School Dance Classes Online

The initiative involves working with schools across Mumbai and Delhi and given the recent shift to the online space beyond these cities as well.

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NEP Aims To Transform The Intent And The Content Of The Education Sector

BW Education hosted Wednesday Wisdom "The New Education Policy: Discussing the Future" in association with BW Businessworld.

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New Education Policy - A Game Changer

The National Education Policy has the potential to put India on a longterm growth trajectory.

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Divya Lal On New Education Policy

The NEP addresses one of the main issues with Education, which is the lack of application-based learning – a practice not closely followed by a lot of schools even today.

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Coaching Federation Of India Welcomes The New Education Policy


Many coaching institutions across the country have joined hands to represent this industry in all the forums to get due recognition as a support system for the entire education domain.

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New Education Policy (NEP 2020): Industry Reaction

Various stakeholders from the industry have reacted to the New Education Policy.

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Technology For Education

Technology can help reduce the cost of education and hence make good quality education available to all those who are eligible but cannot afford on campus education.

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What Isn’t There For Education Sector In Budget 2020-21?

Increasing the budget outlay is a positive move but research has shown that quantity itself is not enough and that quality of education matters even more for economic growth.

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