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Smoother Transition To Online Mode, Helping Students Resuming Their Preparations

Where it was easy for the big players to shift to this mode as they had the infrastructure and logistics, but for the small players, it was extremely difficult for this paradigm shift.

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IIT-Bhubaneswar To Conduct End Semester Exams For Outgoing Students By Online Mode

The prestigious institution said that "two alternative examinations are scheduled, one from June 24 and another during the end of July/first week of August."

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IIT Roorkee Host SPARK Summer Internship Program In Online Mode

Interns will work in 17 participating departments of the institute and perform theoretical and computational research.

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WUD Shifts To Online Mode To Combat COVID-19 Disruption

The university is using technology-enabled AI, Supervision Technologies and Video Conference and other tools to enable virtual learning.

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