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Problems Schools Are Facing Post COVID-19


Popcorn Furniture organized a webinar that was attended by four panellists from India and abroad.

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Pharmaceutical As Career Option In Today's Scenarios - Post COVID-19

Pharmaceutical Sector is growing at a consistent rate in India and abroad and is offering great career opportunities to thousands of students.

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Post COVID-19: Indian Online Education Industry - Boon Or Bane For Students

The nationwide lockdown that was imposed, in hopes to contain the virus, resulted in schools and colleges being closed across the country affecting over 500 million students.

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Rishihood University Hosts Global Virtual Exchange To Discuss The Future Of Hospitality Sector Post COVID-19

It was attended by participants from India, United States, Nepal, Mauritius and Ukraine using the Zoom videoconferencing platform.

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Post COVID-19 There Will Definitely Be More Partial Acceptance Of Online Platforms For Learning: Dr Y P Kosta

In an exclusive chat with BW Education, Dr Y P Kosta, Vice-Chancellor, Marwadi University, spoke about the institution and more.

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Why Career In Cybersecurity Will Be In Demand Post COVID-19

Experts of cybersecurity are playing an important role at present in supporting critical infrastructure, making the business organizations stay online.

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