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CENTA Set To Add $2 Bn To Education Economy

Following the Union Budget 2022, CENTA's(Centre for Teacher Accreditation) thrust of creating pools of competent, certified teachers has become even more relevant

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5 Points On Why We Need Robust Teacher Professional Development Programmes

It is incumbent upon us to understand how much is invested through research, academic credentials, high–quality long-term courses, quality master trainers, professional community of practices, recognition and acknowledgement in their professional development.

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WhiteHat Jr Partners With Harvard Business Publishing, KPMG And Prof.Boaler To Bolster Skill Training

Partnership to help create custom programs aimed at further developing and training employees and teachers and facilitating their capacity for growth, performance, and effectiveness.

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Aditya Birla Education Trust Bolsters BMC Schools With Project ‘Samarth’ And ‘Oorja’


The Project between Aditya Birla Education Academy and the BMC aims to upskill the MCGM English Medium Schools

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Evolution Of Teachers' Fraternity And Its Scope Of Growth

"Teachers' culture and community will remain upright and reputable as the commitment to professionalism and career-focused aspects inspire teachers to stay current in terms of qualities, vocational skills, academics, and personality development."

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Centre Of Ministry Of Education, GOI And ICSL Launches Connect2Learn

A series of online certificate workshops for continuous professional development of school educators

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