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IIT Madras & Madras Dyslexia Association To Train Primary School Teachers On ‘Providing Remedial Support To Children With Specific Learning Difficulties’

‘e-Shikshanam’- Online Teacher Training program is being taken up in to train teachers and other stakeholders who work with a child with Dyslexia - the first one addresses providing remedial instructions to children up to Class V across the country.

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Training Teachers To Teach 21st Century Students

The most pressing question today for schools is to ensure that the teaching methods adopted by their teachers stays effective and relevant to the ever-changing needs of the 21st century classroom. The answer is fairly simple: The rise of the 21st century student demands the growth of the 21st century educator. Schools can address this through - effectively and continuously educating & training their teachers.

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University Of Limerick - School Of Design And National Institute Of Design, India Announce Major Partnership

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the School of Design at the University of Limerick, Ireland and the National Institute of Design, India, in order to develop current research and teaching activities and to facilitate the exchange and mobility of staff members, researchers and students.

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Ignis Careers To Impart In-Classroom English Integrated Life Skills Training Digitally In 500 Schools

Ignis has raised $150,000 in funding from US based impact investor Gray Matters Capital’s edLABS initiative and plans to expand operations to 16 Cities in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and the South Indian States of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala targeting 4400 Teachers and over 1 Lakh Students in Government and Affordable Private Schools (APS).

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ICSL To Train 10,000 School Principal In Next Seven-Year

ICSL will train 10,000 principals of private and government schools from all over India.

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The Changing Role Of Teachers In The K-12 Sector

With education undergoing a metamorphosis, driven by technological advancements—adaptive learning methodologies, augmented and virtual reality is the latest additions to the palate—the role and responsibilities of teachers have also greatly changed.

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Cabinet Nod For Bill On One-time Retrospective Recognition To Teacher Training Institutions


The Bill is for amending the National Council for Teacher Education Act, 1993 (NCTE) which will make students, who are studying or those who have passed out from these institutions and universities which have not been recognised, eligible for employment as teachers

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