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Enhancing Education Through AR And VR Technology

Under the B2B category, Indian companies are integrating AR/VR technologies for nursery to eighth-grade curriculums for children mapping the AR/VR journeys with course content for various subjects.

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Role Of Robots In Education And Business Applications

Let us embrace the humanoids as these are going to be like cream of the crop

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Can Virtual Reality Be A New Learning Solution For Schools?

Learning goes beyond the four walls of a classroom, as students may now be afforded the opportunity to visit places they could only imagine, or have experiences beyond the scope of their dreams

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Global Disruptions: Future Of Education In India

We need a partnership between a student - a learner, the teacher- a facilitator and the government agency - an enabler

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New Age Classrooms Are The Future Of Education

In an exclusive conversation with BW Education, Atul Temurnikar- Co-founder of the Singapore based Global Indian International School discusses how Virtual reality is changing the education culture of India.

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Growth Of Virtual Reality As A Tool In K-8 Education

VR will raise the quality of education by improving knowledge absorption.

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