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The Higher Reaches Of Academia

A close look at the National Education Policy 2020 which overhauls a 34-year-old system of learning and strives to turn India into a global knowledge superpower.

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Omnipotent Virtual Classrooms: Is Academia Being Led To Theseus Paradox?

Traditional classrooms are synonymous with the decaying old planks of the ship of Theseus in the current times of contagion.

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UP Industrial Development Minister Calls For Academia, Industry And Government Connect At Amity University

He stressed that the knowledge and research about technology should reach backward areas and motivate them to go beyond traditional farming.

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Fixing The Industry-Academia Gap To Prepare Tomorrow’s Workforce

Today, businesses and HEIs estimate that only about one-quarter of their total staff and students have the skills to work and interact with emerging digital technologies. This figure is expected to more than double — to 62% for companies and 57% for HEIs — in the next five years.

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