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Building A Community Of Innovative Secondary And Higher Education Leaders

Linda Liu, Vice President, International- The College Board speaks to BW Education on the issues of National and International Collaborations.

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Our Education System Needs A Methodical Overview

The dire need of the new education models & latent methodologies is discussed in this piece

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Why Classrooms Are Increasingly Becoming Irrelevant

Game-based learning in the form of in-class snap polls using smartphone voting, such as offered by Kahoot!, can also generate a sense of fun in learning. If students explicitly look forward to coming to class, they are more likely to engage and develop their understanding of course material.

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Survival Of The Fittest: Future Of Education

With the shrinking of the world and the implementation of innovative educational policies, mankind is moving towards becoming a ‘Global Village’ in literal terms.

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Will Tomorrow Define Your Child? Or Will Your Child Define Tomorrow?

Only 42% of employers believe new graduates are adequately prepared for the workforce, especially with social and emotional skills.

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IIM Calcutta Seeks To Appoint Director

Especially in light of the autonomy resulting from the IIM Act, the individual will also be responsible for fundraising and be creating an endowment.

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Miles Bronson: A Loving And Caring Community


The school follows CBSE curriculum. Here academic facilities are all child-centric. The students are under 24x7 supervision whether in the school or hostels. During the morning and evening preparation time, students complete their homework or practise according to their need.

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