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Conversational AI: Technology Redefining Online Education In Rural India


Artificial Intelligence has the potential to make a huge impact on learning, teaching, and education

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IIT Madras Researchers Use AI Tools To Study Production Of Fuel From Biomass

Gaining such understanding through hands-on experiments would be time-consuming and expensive and as such, Computer simulations and Modelling studies can provide quick insights to develop biomass conversion processes.

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FRI Joins Hand With Learning Spiral To Conduct All India Entrance Examination 2021-22 Using AI

The online examination system of the Company is specially modelled for universities and colleges to help them conduct exams remotely and securely.

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Making Education Smarter With Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the disruptive techniques which has re-modelled the ‘work hard’ philosophy to ‘work smart’ philosophy.

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AI, Technology And The Traditional Education System

The latest technology has been helping the world develop at an exponential rate while causing a significant shift in the education system as well. Advancements such as artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) are reinventing the traditional educational tools and changing the future of conventional teaching and learning. 

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HKUST’s Innovative Business Education

Preparing students for a Cross-Disciplinary and Sustainable Future

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Technical & Non-Technical Skills Required For Careers In AI

The key rationale behind the employment of artificial intelligence is to enable machines or systems to act by themselves without repeated programmer coding.

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Tips For Fashion Students To Sustain In AI Revamped Industry

The Indian clothing market will be worth 25 trillion Rupees by 2030, making it the sixth-largest market hub globally. 

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Preparing College Students For Post-COVID Market

Here are some trends to watch out for online Higher Education and how colleges need to prepare their students for a post-COVID market.

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