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IIT Roorkee Scientists Predict FDA-approved Commercial Drugs Through AI To Tackle COVID-19

IIT Roorkee scientists have successfully deployed Machine Learning-based-AI techniques to predict the commercial drugs that could be used for the treatment of COVID-19.

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STEMROBO Technologies' AI Connect Platform Gets Recognition In ‘AI Step-Up Module’ Launched By NITI Aayog & NASSCOM


The module will be the next step in bringing AI to Indian classrooms wherein platforms like ‘AI connect’ will help drive the education in AI and Innovation, free of cost across the country.

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Inculcating The Importance Of Having Niche Specializations In UG Courses

Here are some of the niche specializations that you should consider after completion of Class 12.

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How AI Is Contributing To The Evolution Of The Online Education Space

AI is applied to education through specific tools that help to develop skills and testing systems.

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Build Your Career In AI & ML With The Help Of These Edtech Platforms

The need for intelligent and accurate decision-making across industries has led to an exponential growth in the adoption of AI and ML technologies.

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New Industry-Academia Program In India To Collaborate With Engineering Students On AI, IoT, 5G Launched

Each project will be taken up by a team of three students and one professor, with a mentor from SRI-B who will guide and train them, and conduct regular reviews.

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Courses That May See More Traction Post COVID-19

Learning AI, agriculture, environmental studies, health & hygiene and many other aspects should be made more rigorous to face and prevent challenges.

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How Can The Learning Of These New-age Skills Positively Affect Student’s Employability

The 20th century is all about new technologies led by artificial intelligence and data analytics.

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PRORETA 5: Continental And Universities Are Jointly Researching AI For Automated Driving In Cities

The main advantage of the AI is that, following a training period, it is able to draw its own correct conclusions based on its learning, even in unknown situations.

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