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Apprenticeship: Why Companies Should Look At It Seriously?

Apprenticeship is one such adaptable way that should be manifested both by the Government and Industry to prepare aspirants for a distinct job while fulfilling a company’s demand for employees.

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Apprenticeship: Key To Unlocking Post Pandemic

Apprenticeship ensures that the unemployed youth gets the opportunity to be a part of an organisation, learn and showcase their skills to be able to gain a sustainable livelihood.

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Javadekar Launches Scheme To Provide Apprenticeship Opportunities To Fresh Graduates

Union minister Prakash Javadekar on Wednesday launched a scheme for providing industry apprenticeship opportunities to fresh graduates.

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Apprenticeships Paving Way To Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a driver for socio-economic growth and apprenticeship complements the entire process. But not many apprentices turn out to be entrepreneurs or even aspire to be one. The reason is lack of exposure and relevant knowledge.

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Learn By Doing’ And ‘Earn While Learning’ Will Be The Future Of India

In today’s era, one needs to choose the right kind of academic training clubbed with specialized training to become more competitive and employable. Higher education has always been and continues to be an important agenda for the majority of aspirants.

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Eight Reasons To Become An Apprentice

While India aims to be skill capital of the world, an apprenticeship can make you global professional

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