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Young India Fellowship 2019 Convocation At Ashoka University

The Young India Fellowship brings together bright young individuals who demonstrate unprecedented intellectual ability and leadership potential and trains them to become committed social agents of change. The fellowship aims to foster critical thinkers who are intellectually curious, self-aware and impactful through their work.

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Multiple Skills And The Ability To Learn Will Define Education And Expertise

Critical thinking, creativity and collaboration are key business skills which form the bedrock of executive education and success. These skills are relevant today and will be in the future too.

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India’s First Covalent Magnetic Tweezer At Ashoka University

Ashoka University houses the first Covalent Magnetic Tweezer (CMT) in India, developed by Dr. Shubhasis Haldar, who works in the field of Mechanical Biochemistry. With the help of Prof. Julio Fernandez, Columbia University, the CMT is devised to monitor the effect of force on protein molecules and can also be used for drug testing and drug designing.

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Liberal Arts: Not An Education For Employment, But An Education For Life

A liberal arts education serves as a catalyst for the pursuit of knowledge in a non-linear fashion, and the academic insight to guide you through the multiple dimensions of every situation. It teaches you how to question, analyse and critique and that interpretation is more integral than acceptance of facts

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Our Power as Youth to Drive the Change: A Case Study

Haryana's CMGGA Programme is a Public-Private Partnership with Ashoka University to empower Youth like us. With hardly any experience about the internal workings of the government and the bureaucracy, we came into the programme with the common objective of improving governance and working with public machinery at different level. We had varying expectations from the role and the form it would eventually take.

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