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What Lies At The Heart Of Cambridge International Education?


Five elements lie at the heart of a Cambridge education: international curriculum, teaching and learning, assessment, international recognition and global community

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Macmillan Education launches ICAS Assessment Programme for Indian Schools

ICAS, a diagnostic assessment tool, developed by University of South Wales, enters Indian Subcontinent with Macmillan Education.

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Going towards a “New Education Policy”

Past few years have been extremely eventful in the education eco space of this country. However, this year offers little prospect for relief. The top issues of 2017 will undoubtedly include cost, Workforce development, creating an environment for competency based education, accreditation, assessment, Quality Assurance, Skills based education, leadership crisis, and the challenges of online education. The new education policy would do well to address these issues.

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Need for Learning Outcomes in Early Childhood to build Future Leaders

With disruptive technology and artificial intelligence beating humans in this competitive world, introducing learning outcomes in early childhood can have bigger return on investment than almost any other educational intervention

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