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Brexit Had No Affect In University Applications: Prof Robert Allison, VC, President, Loughborough University

The most popular couses among Indian Students is engineering, followed by business and economics, and the third is sports

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The Changing Dynamics of the Publishing Business

There is no greater cliché in business than to emphasize that change is constant. In the world of academia, it is comparably hackneyed to speak of“the crisis in scholarly publishing.”

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The Vibrancy of New Media

First day media gathering from two-day 'The Media Rumble' news forum

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Important BBA Entrance Exams and their Scope

BBA Entrance exams are vast and varied in content. Read about the top entrance exams, what it pertains and how to prepare.

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How to Prepare for Business Section of GK?

Business Awareness is a vast and varied topic within GK. Unlike other topics, this cannot be easily pigeonholed into either static or current as it is a clear combination. Business is a very important topic in most entrances for management courses. Know how to prepare and what to prepare.

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A Comment on the Right to Education Act 2009

Both practitioner and policy analyst are willing to excuse the crawl of progress in Government provisions for education. The lack of improvement in student learning outcomes has afforded even more latitude.

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