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Business Education Needs Radical Innovation

It’s the need of the hour to think rational, innovative, agile and creative

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Rethinking The Role Of Women In Business Programmes

Women are able to make bold and wise decisions as leaders; this helps make the team environment more cooperative.

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MDI Gurgaon Selects Hughes Global Education To Launch Advanced Executive-Level Business Courses Nationwide

Series of online education programmes in management and leadership development now available to professionals everywhere.

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You Must Learn From Your Own Success: Deputy CM, Delhi


Manish Sisodia, Deputy CM, Delhi speaks about the Business Blaster Programme and its aim to create an entrepreneurial mindset among students. Excerpts.

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7 New Professors Join The BITSoM Faculty

BITSoM, a business school based in Mumbai welcomes seven new faculty members to its faculty pool.

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A Curious Case Of Mutating Business Risk

The cries of hyper-competition have been loud and frequent in many sectors led by aviation and telecom and along with the howls come a whispered narrative of the need to increase prices

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NPTEL Launches Courses On Electric Vehicles, Internet of Things, Business & Sustainable Development in SWAYAM Platform

More than 500 courses, taught by the faculty from IITs & IISc, are offered completely free of cost to learners across the country by NPTEL, giving an opportunity for anyone to learn from anywhere and anytime, which is invaluable in this pandemic era

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Ethics In Business Education: Insights From New Education Policy

"When ethical dilemmas emerge in this digital age, they will be more complex and ambiguous. This means the future managers and educators will require a more developed moral reasoning skill set to meet the challenges of this new age."

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UBS PG Students Provide Pro Bono Consultations

UBS postgraduate students help revive businesses by providing consultations on finance, customer service, engagement and other services on a voluntary basis.

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