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Career After 12th Standard

Often it is heard if you are taking Biology in 10+2 then the road ahead is MBBS/BDS; if you are a Maths student then it is Engineering for which you should strive; with Commerce as a subject in 10+2 then its B.Com or CA. But is it really so?

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Marks May Not Be The Judge of Career Choices

In today’s day and age, there are a plethora of interesting career options for students to pursue. Gone are the days of traditional career paths. We’ve got umpteen Engineers, Doctors, and Commerce graduates amongst us.

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Artificial Intelligence: A Smart Career Choice

Technology developing faster than society’s ability to comprehend its intended benefits & unintended consequences

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Underrated No More-4 Emerging and Highly Lucrative Career Choices

Want to make money studying about aliens? Or is drinking tea your idea of time well-spent? If that is really the case, it seems like you are born in the perfect generation.

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Career counselling emerging as a preferred choice for teachers

With students having lack of awareness, teachers need to take up the mantle to help them! In India with only 500 counsellors for about 1.5 million students the calling has never been greater. Many teachers have paid heed to this calling and have taken up programs to help them become counsellors.

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