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Campaign Launched To Safeguard Children Against Indoor Air Pollution


O2 Cure launches this initiative to promote awareness around improving indoor air quality

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How To Help Your Child Tackle First-day Jitters

The first day causes worry for the majority of children. They'll scream and act out. Most children are fine by the second day. However, if a few weeks go by and the child refuses to go, you need to take action

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Parenting After Trauma: Healing Past By Nurturing Child's Future

It is important to not chide children who have suffered trauma for their behaviour and instead adopt a slow yet steady approach to forming an emotional bond

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85% Parents Now More Anxious About Their Child's Future: Reports

The nationwide survey was aimed at understanding some of the major concerns of Indian parents as respondents shared their experiences of how they are dealing with the schools being shut.

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Tips For Schooling Your Child At Home

The schools are mostly doing a good job of keeping the kids engaged with a lot of help from the parents.

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Your Child Loves To Play Video Games, Turn It Into A Learning Opportunity

With game-based learning, students learn on their own in an environment where they are willing to persevere.

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