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Will UK Be The Next Pivot Country For Medical Education After China

According to the report, while higher education institutions might adapt sooner or later to the e-learning practices, it might take a relatively long time to come to terms with the drastic changes in student mobility for higher education.

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How Policy Making Will Play A Crucial Role In This Pandemic Time

Pandemic preparedness not only addresses the measures that need to be taken when an outbreak occurs but also ensures that the health care system in the country is advanced enough to ensure the availability of resources.

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Is Large Scale Online Education Going To Be Permanent Fixture In Post-COVID World?

As governments scramble to contain the pandemic, schools, colleges and universities are forced to shut down.

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Online Education Comes To Rescue When Schools Are Shut Due To Coronavirus


EduTech companies should be invited to collaborate with the government to roll out online mechanisms in a public-private partnership.

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Crisis Of Corona

Corona will not leave the readers any opportunity to fight, let alone the defenses, to continue attending the schools, keeping the children and staff and all those who serve the country to raise our economy and GDP vulnerable.

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Indian Students Form The Second Largest Pool In US After China

India is the second leading country for students coming to the US, with 1, 86, 267 students in 2016-2017 comprising 17.3 percent of the total international students in the US

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Indians Form 2nd Largest Group Of International Students In US

The majority of Indian students in the US study at the graduate level, the report said, adding in 2016-17

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