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Executive Education: The Prime Mover Of The Experiential Learning Cycle

for a complete learning, both academicians and executives need to engage. Thus, executive education becomes prime mover for learning in management education.

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Aspire To Effectively Lead A Performing Team? , Communicate Meaningfully

The article discusses a prescriptive framework based on the review of the Vidhura Niti (The Mahabharata)

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Creation And Application Will Bring Out More Talent In Students


The beauty of using technology is the fact that if you are not good at something, the software will help it rectify. Students may no more be afraid of mistakes, because they have an undo button to rewctify the mistakes

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Mojo Networks collaborates with IIT Bombay to support India’s advanced smart exam

Future classrooms to be enabled with enhanced interactivity and enriched communication through the correct use of technology

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The Logic and Scope of DU’s 5 Year Integrated Mass Communications Programme

Media is one of the fast growing industries especially the digital and the TV. As of now there are a good number of options at the Master’s level for pursuing media studies, but few at the undergrad level. The University of Delhi (DU), has been debating starting off with a 5 year integrated Bachelor’s plus Master’s course in Journalism and Mass Communications. No official Notification has come out, so all discussion now is mere speculation based on some press reports.

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