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Digital Defynd Launches 1000 Free Courses To Help Professionals Beat Corona Career Crisis

The free courses have been released in tie-up with well renowned global universities, including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Princeton, Yale and many more.

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M-19 ‘Face Shields’ To Protect Front-Liners In Fight Against Corona

The face shield ensures that every warrior on the frontline will be protected from the virus.

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Adamas University Offers Its Campus To The Govt To Fight Corona

Speaking on the occasion, the Chancellor, Prof Samit Ray said, “Right now the situation is very critical. We all need to help the government either by providing finance or infrastructure."

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Telangana: MANUU Students' Union Opposes Move To Turn Varsity Into Quarantine Facility

the MANUU Students Union president Umar Faruq had a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar of the varsity.

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Adamas Innovates Tech Solution To Keep Academics Running Amidst Corona Close-down

From 17th March onwards, all faculties of Adamas University are continuing with their teaching-mentoring duty from home through self-video.

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Crisis Of Corona

Corona will not leave the readers any opportunity to fight, let alone the defenses, to continue attending the schools, keeping the children and staff and all those who serve the country to raise our economy and GDP vulnerable.

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