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Why Career In Cybersecurity Will Be In Demand Post COVID-19

Experts of cybersecurity are playing an important role at present in supporting critical infrastructure, making the business organizations stay online.

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7 Tech Skills That Will Become Dark Horses In Professional Arena In 2020

For today’s talent in tech, it is clear that some skills will emerge superior to the others and will catalyse the journey to an ideal career in the changing tech landscape.

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KPMG Promotes Cyber Literacy Training In 178 Schools For 77569 Students In India

The community initiative is aimed at educating young people about the importance of cybersecurity and internet risk, as part of the firm’s commitment to supporting the communities in which it operates.

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Seven Steps To Combat Cyber Security Threats In Education Sector

Educational institutions store immense amounts of highly sensitive information, like contact information, academic records, Social Security numbers, financial information, and health records, which makes them lucrative targets for hackers.

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