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Innovation In Math's Learning With Introduction Of New Techniques


We can no longer afford to follow the outdated teaching methods and bringing simple innovations into the classroom can help motivate students.

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IIT Madras Launches ‘D-Well’ To Leverage Digital Media For Businesses

It is also intended to create awareness among the public about the opportunities in and beyond the digital screen and also to make the screen time qualitative.

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How Educational Institutes Are Inculcating Digital Marketing To Improve Admission Process?

Let’s take a look at various digital platforms that educational institutions have been leveraging for the admissions cycle.

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Need For Digital Ecosystems At Educational Institutes

As India gets familiar with digital currency, it becomes critical such practices percolate to educational institutes as well. Zeta co-founder and CEO, Bhavin Turakhia, discusses why this is important now, more than ever

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Challenges In A New Age School

A New Age school would ensure that the students daily learning is trans disciplinary. There is already great evidence of this in Finnish Schools and the International Curriculum, generally.

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