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New-Age Education Can Answer The Disruption Caused By The Pandemic

Tech enabled learning has meant that students have experienced greater freedom to choose what to focus on, where to study and the schedules they keep.

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Reskilling With Technology Is Necessary To Bridge Industry Gap

Corporations and enterprises are heavily investing in upskilling initiatives to provide employees with the necessary knowledge and skills so that they can work in cross-functional teams which will, in turn, boost innovative thinking.

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Are Indian Classrooms Ready For Digital Textbooks?

"We need to bring ‘learning to people’ instead of ‘people to learning." - Elliot Masie.

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70% Schools Have Adopted Online Classes, 86% Schools Embrace Digitisation | Survey


With a sample size of 1000 schools, ISFC gives insights around online capability as well as content delivery, fee collection, teacher retrenchment, fee financing, and reopening schedules.

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Why Upskilling Is Must For Employees In Today's era

Workers will have to learn new skills if they expect to remain employable.

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Marwadi University Digitises Operations To Offer In-Classroom Learning Experiences Online

Online classes for existing students are prioritised in order to prevent the lockdown from further impacting their learning requirements and commitments.

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Goa University To Digitise And Transliterate Konkani Texts

The university will use ‘Konkanverter’, developed by the World Konkani Centre at Mangaluru in Karnataka, to transliterate (convert text from one script to another) Konkani texts, he said.

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