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Schools Must Start Looking At Solving The Employability Issue In India

Any competitive advantage that India and Indians love to boast about, “Demographic Dividend” does not exist, instead, it has the potential to become a “Demographic Disaster”

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What The Education Sector Wants From The Union Budget Of 2018

The Union Budget 2018 is touted to be the make or break budget for the current government. All the promises made and efforts undertaken will need to see fruition before India goes to vote in 2019. Academics and experts tell BW Education about their expectations from Finance Minister's, Arun Jaitley’s last budget of the term.

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Private Entrepreneurs Are Heroes' Of Modern Education In India: Shayama Chona

Apart from making the Public Private Partnership model feasible in the education sector, Choma also pitched for fair accountability, especially of the ones rated at the top

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A Comment on the Right to Education Act 2009

Both practitioner and policy analyst are willing to excuse the crawl of progress in Government provisions for education. The lack of improvement in student learning outcomes has afforded even more latitude.

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Parenting a super child!

Your child’s experiences with the outputs as words, actions, and ranging behaviors are the result of many differential calculi. The most evident reflection that he could mirror back to you is your parenting style, no matter what age he is.

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Spreading and Certifying Digital Literacy in the World

“While India has produced a lot of highly successful industry leaders globally, as a country of 1.25 billion people, a lot of work still remains to empower the masses on latest technology skills.” says Mr. Damien O’ Sullivan, CEO of ICDL and ECDL.

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