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Data Security And Data Privacy: Need Of The Hour

With so many edtech platforms coming up, it has become a breeze to get accustomed with the underlying concepts and get familiar with the functioning of these applications

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Career counselling emerging as a preferred choice for teachers

With students having lack of awareness, teachers need to take up the mantle to help them! In India with only 500 counsellors for about 1.5 million students the calling has never been greater. Many teachers have paid heed to this calling and have taken up programs to help them become counsellors.

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Spreading and Certifying Digital Literacy in the World

“While India has produced a lot of highly successful industry leaders globally, as a country of 1.25 billion people, a lot of work still remains to empower the masses on latest technology skills.” says Mr. Damien O’ Sullivan, CEO of ICDL and ECDL.

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