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Why Skills Training Is The Need Of The Hour?

Educational institutions and the industry must join hands with the support of the Government to create a holistic eco-system where skills can be developed, nurtured and honed.

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Measures Taken By Educational Institutions In COVID-19 Outbreak


With the outbreak of COVID – educational institutions have now taken up ‘Safety & Security’ as their topmost priority.

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Whatsapp Groups Of Educational Institutions To Help Connect Staff, Students In Himachal Pradesh

An initiative has been taken to create WhatsApp groups of all educational institutions to facilitate the employees and students to connect.

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Odisha Govt Imposes 'Weekend Shutdown' In 11 Districts In June, Educational Institutions Closed Till July 31

All schools, colleges, educational institutions, training institutions/coaching centres shall remain closed till July 31 in the view of the coronavirus outbreak.

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All Educational Institutions Still Prohibited To Open Across Country: Centre

The nationwide lockdown, which was imposed to contain coronavirus spread, is scheduled to end on May 31st May.

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Stratbeans Empowering Educational Institutions To Revolutionize Learning In Time Of COVID-19

The company is working with the institutions including schools and colleges to digitally transform in order to enhance and support the educational environment.

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Online Education Going Viral

Many private schools, colleges, and other educational institutions have switched to digital platforms and have started providing online classes.

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Coronavirus: Tipping Point For Education?

The concept of closing a country’s educational institutions especially schools for a prolonged and undefined time is unimaginable.

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Admission24 Enabled Digital Transformation For Over 150 Educational Institutions

The company is using emerging technologies like AI and ML to bring interactive education tools in order to disrupt the ecosystem.

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