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Why Upskilling Your Current Employees Is A Great Strategy For Filling Key Roles And How Digital Transformation Can Catalyze The Process

Digitally proficient employees are so scarce that re-training and upskilling existing employees have taken priority over-investing in new hires.

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Capgemini Partners With Coursera To Give Employees Across The Globe Access To Over 4,000 Courses

The global partnership follows a successful pre-launch phase in February, during which more than 25,000 Capgemini employees enrolled in courses on Coursera.

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Why Upskilling Is Must For Employees In Today's era

Workers will have to learn new skills if they expect to remain employable.

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5 Ways Employees Can Contribute To Improve Gender Equality At Workplace

Some ideas and steps through which employees can contribute to improve gender equality.

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Role Of Executive Education In The Growth Of Organisations And Employees

The premier business schools world over offer Executive Education programs, usually over a few days, but sometimes year-long. By doing so, they also deepen their corporate contacts, and ensure that their own business faculty is in close touch with the changing business environment, and indeed, that they remain ahead of the curve.

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Beat The Gut Feel In Hiring Superstars!

Companies nowadays are flipping their hiring model as opposed to the past where companies used to hire employees, train them using the company's resources and then deploy them.

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