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AICTE Not To Allow Low Employment Potential Disciplines From 2020-21

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) will not allow new conventional disciplines with low employment potential from the academic year 2020-21.

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Augment Skills Through Scientific, Proven Processes

A balance between academic excellence, sound knowledge of fundamentals and good communication skills would land you a job, it is important that a person self-assesses and takes actions necessary to stay relevant and ahead of the crowd in the industry whose landscape is changing a mile a minute.

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Future Of Engineering And Education

The engineering education in India is at the crossroads today. It’s a chance to take the country on the next high growth trajectory by having the right manpower. Students need to ensure they are industry-ready by the end of their programme.

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Learn How To Crack Interviews

Perspectico And Rajdhani College organizes a session on cracking the interviews

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Apprenticeships Paving Way To Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a driver for socio-economic growth and apprenticeship complements the entire process. But not many apprentices turn out to be entrepreneurs or even aspire to be one. The reason is lack of exposure and relevant knowledge.

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How To Create Better Educated Graduates

In 2016, the unemployment rate in India accounted for 3.51% which is approximately 4.65 crore graduates. The root cause for such an inflated percentage is that the colleges impart knowledge not wisdom.

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