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Job Market Showing Signs Of Recovery; Online Hiring Sees Growth

Good to see the job market showing signs of recovery. The JobSpeak index for August has shown a Y-o-Y growth of 1 per cent

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Are Indian Engineers Really Sub-standard?

Degrading education quality and outdated curriculum have become more pronounced with automation and emerging technology remodeling businesses

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Employment and Employability - two sides of the same coin?

Automation, Robotics and AI will eat up jobs. What must the stakeholders do to address this issue?

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Is Autonomy a Panacea?

Can we extend fundamental right of freedom to operate Institutions? In this context is real autonomy possible? Or is it a myth?

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“India has the best brains for engineering”

In the recent visit to Indian engineering colleges Mr. Jean Pierre Trotignon, Executive Director, ‘n+i’, network of 45 French Post Graduate Engineering Schools spoke about the Indo-French relationship on engineering education and future opportunities.

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