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Strengthen-Out Engineering Education And Its Challenges

The tactic for engineering education needs to be interdisciplinary with new technology courses at the core. Exponential advances in knowledge, instrumentation, communication, and computational capabilities have created mind-boggling possibilities, and students must be cutting across traditional disciplinary boundaries in unprecedented ways.

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How Hands-On Experience Will Prepare Engineers For The Jobs Of Tomorrow

As per a McKinsey report, as a result of the ongoing technology boom, the emerging tech world is likely to produce 25 to 50 million jobs globally, of which India will have to account for 6 to 12 million jobs.

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Is Pursuing Engineering Still Worth It In India With Many Students Trying Their Hands On Newer Subjects

With the background of Engineering, one gets an understanding of the whole industry aspect linked to our sustenance. Understanding the basics of production and the interlinkages of the same with our lives can be a springboard to progress in our chosen career.

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Students Can Now Pursue Humanities Alongside Engineering Degrees

The walls are finally down. A look at how the AICTE‘s approval for technical institutes to also run arts and commerce courses is set to play out on the ground.

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Mechanical Engineering Students Are Innovating Technologies To Meet A Wide Range Of Human Needs

Mechanical engineering is not just a degree, it transforms an individual into an expert who can analyse, create, manage, maintain and offer innovative solutions to improve the overall quality of life.

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Collaboration In Education

A meaningful collaboration between Industry and Academia can be an effective tool for bridging unemployment of graduating students.

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