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12th Honda Young Engineer And Scientist’s Award Announced

Provides scholarships to 14 aspiring Engineers and Scientists. Opportunity for higher professional education in Japan.

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Reorienting Academia In The AI Era To Deliver High Impact Education

Given in the increased demand, constrained supply, and associated brain-drain to the industry – how do universities cope with the need for educating the future workforce in this transformational technology? It is imperative that universities act before this problem is further exacerbated. I feel there are three steps to take on a war footing to ensure that lack of academicians does not become a bottleneck to the provision of fresh AI talent in the workforce.

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Are Our Engineers Ready For Industrial Revolution 4.0?

Industry 4.0 facilitates a lot of smart factories. It works on six key design principles – Interoperability, Service orientation, Virtualisation, Decentralisation, Real time capability, and Modularity, says Professor S. Ramachandran

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“India has the best brains for engineering”

The country that is almost iconographic to‘engineering’ is unflinchingly, France. For centuries and decades, French engineering have been quite a factor of ‘trust’ for industries, academicians and students. On the other hand, India, possessing engineered brains have been quite a talent acquisition field for international engineering institutions and industry In the recent visit to India, Mr. Jean Pierre Trotignon, Executive Director, ‘n+i’, network of 45 French Post Graduate Engineering Schools spoke about the Indo-French relationship on engineering education and future opportunities

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