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Apprenticeships Paving Way To Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a driver for socio-economic growth and apprenticeship complements the entire process. But not many apprentices turn out to be entrepreneurs or even aspire to be one. The reason is lack of exposure and relevant knowledge.

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Humanities In An Era Of Entrepreneurship, Innovation And Technology

Renowned author Scott Hartley speaks at IILM University Gurugram last week about Liberal Arts as the heart of innovation.

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4 Things Every Indian Ed-Tech Entrepreneur Should Know About Teachers

There is no doubt ed-tech entrepreneurs work in a tough sector. They face the challenges of B2B sales and scaling up in a fragmented ecosystem. At the same time, their product must cater to multiple expectations in a school. Usually the biggest hurdle is ensuring product adoption by teachers. This is where understanding the hurdle at a granular level will help them.

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FLAME University Inaugurates The Centre For Entrepreneurship And Innovation

The program will help selected entrepreneurs achieve traction, gain strategic and functional guidance, gain access to customers, partners, investors and to events and resources which will help them grow their businesses.

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Use ‘Helicopter Approach’ To Become Successful Entrepreneurs, GM Rao Tells Management Graduates

GM Rao in his Convocation address at MDI Gurgaon advised students to take risks in their professional lives to become successful entrepreneurs.

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Management degree opens unconventional career choices

An MBA may lead you to a successful career path, but walk the path less tread if you want to go beyond the qualification

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