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Executive Education Needs – Customised And Personalised

Organizations and executives usually cannot afford to learn at a luxuriously conventional pace and then test it out in a real business environment. They rather want a learning program that identifies the problem areas and helps them to quickly fill in.

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“Eupheus Learning: Transforming India’s Education Space”


Eupheus Learning is a curriculum and technology led education startup based out of Delhi. With its roots in technology innovation and with the aim to bring disruption in the field of education, the team at Eupheus is striving hard to introduce new age curriculum which is unprecedented in India. The startup wants to cater to students of all age groups and classes and is in touch with technology companies around the world in developing customized learning solutions that enable and enhance the learning process in India. For example, the startup has introduced a story based robotic curriculum which will help students learn the methods of coding, something which they can apply later in life.

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