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UPES Offers 20% Scholarship For Female Students

The University is offering 20 per cent scholarships to girls from across India. Girls from Uttarakhand are eligible for 46 per cent domicile & girls scholarships.

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Female Students In India Possess Great Inclination To Pursue Career In Science: Reports

A survey was conducted on the occasion of International Women’s Day, aimed to explore the interest of female students in India in pursuing a career in science.

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UPES Announces 25 per Cent Scholarship On Complete Programme Duration For Female Students

The scholarship is applicable to complete programme duration for all female students applying for under-graduate and post-graduate courses in the academic year 2020.

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153 Female Students’ Enrolled In IIT Guwahati For 2019-2020 Session

IIT Guwahati surpasses the target for female enrolment by admitting 18.46% female students to B. Tech programme against a projected target of 17% set for 2019-20 by JEE Apex Board Committee.

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