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Greenwood High’s Student Initiative Ration Square Raises COVID19 Funds

To help in the treatment of Covid-19 patients, ensure medications and oxygen supplies for them, Greenwood High student and founder of Ration Square, Anvi Mittal and her friends recently mobilized funds and collected over Rs 3 lakh in contribution within few days.

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How Does A Budget School Manage Funds To Fulfill The Dreams Of Minorities And Underprivileged


The biggest challenge is the talent pool limitation depending on where a BPS operates and lack of incentive for interested candidates which makes it an even more uphill task.

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Portsmouth Students Aim To Run 10,000 Km In 7 Days To Raise Funds For NHS

Geography student and Media Secretary for the netball team, Eleanor Smith, 21, set up the challenge.

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IFIM Alumni Association Bequeaths Funds To Daily Wage Workers During COVID-19

These daily wage workers were identified through IFIM’s trusted non-profit partner, ELCIA.

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For Underprivileged, A Delhi Govt Scheme To Get Into Varsities Abroad

The proposal for the scheme, prepared by the Department of Social Welfare, has been sent to other departments such as finance, law and planning for feedback.

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