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Delhi School Of Journalism: A Crooked White Elephant

Delhi University's nascent Journalism school has barely been a part of any good news since it was formally inaugurated by Vice President Venkaiah Naidu on 21 December, 2017

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Do We Need To Teach The Next Generation?

As we see scores of jobs and occupations becoming redundant faster than new ones taking their place, it is critical that the education we impart our children today allows them to think critically

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A Liberal Arts Degree Is Not Only Meant For One Job – It Is Meant For Any Job

Liberal Arts can also be the future as it prepares them for any job as it gives them the required foundation skills that they will need across sectors.

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‘Future is about analytics and data driven kind of management courses’

Corporate Strategy & Policy Professor , IIM Indore in Conversation with BW Education’ s Sreerupa Sil

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Growth Of Virtual Reality As A Tool In K-8 Education

VR will raise the quality of education by improving knowledge absorption.

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‘University's role is crucial in up-skiling"

On his tenth visit to India since seven years of President-ship at Dublin City University,Professor Brian MacCraith discussed with Sreerupa Sil about Indo-Irish relations, future of jobs and University’s role in it

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