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Chitkara University Punjab Make Place In THE Impact Rankings 2020

The university has been ranked 59th rank globally in SDG-07: Affordable & Clean Energy.

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5 Ways Employees Can Contribute To Improve Gender Equality At Workplace

Some ideas and steps through which employees can contribute to improve gender equality.

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Bridging The Gender Gap In STEM

In many developing nations there are still huge social challenges when it comes to getting girls into school in the first place. Add to that inherent bias and conditioning, and the STEM gender challenge becomes even more entrenched.

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Product Leadership: The Indian Key To Unlock The Global Product Innovation Market

India’s problem is not the dearth of innovative ideas, the real challenge we are facing today is the lack of skills required to commercialize these ideas. The global shortfall of product management skills is also pulling India behind in assuring its position as an international leader in product development. The most effective way to manage the current skill gap in product management is to train the existing pool of IT professionals and project managers on multi-functional product management skills.

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Education Remains Top CSR Priority For IT Firms: Nasscom

"Education remains the focus area of IT firms' CSR activities, with 76 per cent of multi-national companies reporting highest spend on it, followed by 18 per cent on gender equality and 12 per cent on hunger and poverty in fiscal 2016-17."

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