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Women Making Their Way Through Career Counselling

It is not so surprising to know, many women today are counsellors, who operate from their clinic/home with a centre/official setup or co-working spaces.

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AI In HR: What Does it Entail?

While AI has certainly emerged as a competitive tool in sales and marketing, business analytics, manufacturing, customer service and many other domains of business, its implications in Human Resources (HR) function has been one of the most debated subjects in the business circles.

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Decide Where To Invest And Where Not To Compete

Colleges and universities are playing a crucial role in the process of upskilling by customizing courses based on the changing needs of the business especially in respect to individual technical verticals.

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Leaders In Future Will Have To Balance Human Workforce And Machines

In the future workplace in India, CEOs will have to focus on differentiating human capabilities and striking the right balance between humans and machines

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