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Mapping Relevance Of Law Courses In Executive Education Scenario

The in-house legal counsels in corporate organizations face even greater challenge of thinking through the prism of a business professional. The many hats that they have to do require them to have exposure to business management, finance and other core areas of business.

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Using Executive Education As A Strategic Tool

Either way, not everyone is decisive about enrolling into executive programmes as it involves both time and money – depending upon one’s circumstances, either or both of them can be a major constraint. However, pursuing executive education can be a strategic step for an executive as well as the organization to which s/he belongs.

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The Charisma Of Executive Education: A Key To Empowerment

Every task is challenging, every project and assignment is demanding, and every expectation is mounting. In fact, every relationship – with the self or with those around, is struggling. It, therefore, becomes imperative for the workforce to be updated with the latest happenings and development around.

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Aspire To Effectively Lead A Performing Team? , Communicate Meaningfully

The article discusses a prescriptive framework based on the review of the Vidhura Niti (The Mahabharata)

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Survival Of The Fittest: Future Of Education

With the shrinking of the world and the implementation of innovative educational policies, mankind is moving towards becoming a ‘Global Village’ in literal terms.

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A Vellayan appointed as Chairman of IIM Kozhikode

A Vellayan has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Society and Board of Governors of IIM Kozhikode

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