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Capacity Building And Skilling For High Order Industrial Revolution After COVID

This is the opportune time Government of India as well as State Governments should work in unison to create entrepreneurship, skilling and re-skilling.

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Should B-Schools Re-Think, Re-Create And Re-Invent Courses That Can Make MBA Relevant For The Next Decade?

The new industrial revolution focuses on the usage of interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data for decision making and problem solving. Working along with machines and depending on dashboard created from big data for decision making and problem solving is a realty for many middle and top level managers.

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Leapfrogging To Education 4.0: Student At The Core

While the share of organized sector will increase in the economy and new jobs will be created, it will also make jobs redundant and the existing jobs would require completely new high order skill sets

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